If you have no time to travel to Latin America we offer you Spanish lessons online via ZOOM (Recommended) or Skype. With online lessons, you also have the opportunity to learn Medical Spanish or Business Spanish without leaving your home. The first meeting online will be an evaluation of your Spanish to develop a personal customized program for you and this lesson is FREE. In this first meeting we will also set up an online timetable for your following lessons. After your registration you will receive the grammar book in a pdf file and exercises for homework after each lesson.

Online prices per hour 
Basic / Brush Up / Advanced Spanish
$ 12
Medical Spanish
$ 15
Business Spanish
$ 15

Contact us using the below information. We look forward to connecting with you. 

Email: info@darianaspanish.com

WhatsApp: +505 8458 4348

Facebook: @DarianaSpanishSchool